Investor Practice & Capacity Building

We build our members’ ability to manage climate risk, providing;

  1. capacity building through working groups, peer-to-peer dialogues, roundtables, resources, and masterclasses, and
  2. guidance on global initiatives, including the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative and Paris Aligned Asset Owners initiative, and Investor Climate Action Plans.

Net Zero Investment Tools and Frameworks

We support Asian investors to accelerate climate progress, using these recommended practices;

  • enhanced climate change policies,
  • implementing an Investor Climate Action Plan (ICAP), and
  • commencing or expanding climate in line with emerging global standards.

Global Initiatives

We help run initiatives that connect investors in Asia with global climate best practice.

Net Zero Asset Managers Initiative

The Net Zero Asset Managers initiative (NZAM) includes 301 investors representing more than US$59 trillion in AUM.

Signatories commit to supporting investing aligned with net zero emissions by 2050 or sooner, in line with global efforts to limit warming to 1.5°.

The NZAM Website

Paris Aligned Asset Owners initiative

The Paris Aligned Asset Owners initiative (PAAO) includes 56 asset owners with more than US$3.3 trillion in AUM.

Signatories commit to transitioning their investments to achieve net zero portfolio emissions by 2050 or sooner, drawing on the Net Zero Investment Framework to set targets, and publishing a climate action plan.

The PAAO Website

Investor Climate Action Plans

Investor Climate Action Plans (ICAPs) Expectations Ladder and Guidance provides clear steps and frameworks for investors to achieve net zero by 2050 or sooner.

The ICAPs website

Training for our Members

We help develop members’ skills on the latest climate related tools and topics, through a number of initiatives.

Climate Change Training Program

The Climate Change Training for Investors courses equip investment professionals with fundamental knowledge and case studies to directly apply climate risks and opportunities to portfolio analysis, company valuation and their wider investment practice.

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We run masterclasses to our members on topical climate-finance issues, including on developing a climate policy and action plan, corporate engagements, and Taskforce on Climate Financial Disclosures (TCFD) frameworks.

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The Investment Industry’s Climate Progress

Our latest annual survey across climate focused investors provides a snapshot into how leading investors in Asia are progressing on climate and incorporating climate opportunities and challenges into their investment process.

According to the latest member activity survey of 17 investors with USD 7.9 trillion AUM, there are encouraging indicators of progress within our full membership.



have a climate policy in place


have a public net zero target


have a climate roadmap

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Daehyun Cho

Dr. Daehyun Cho is a Program Manager at AIGCC, responsible for supporting investor engagement and market outreach activities mainly in Korea, including coordinating AIGCC’s upcoming Korea Working Group. Prior to joining AIGCC, Daehyun was an Assistant Professor in Korea Army Academy at Yeongcheon (KAAY), teaching accounting and management related courses

Japan’s capital market is exposed to nature-related risks: new research by AIGCC

4 June 2024

Japan’s capital market and companies face moderate to high dependency on nature, especially the energy sector and the food, beverage and tobacco sector. The data shows that public equities in Japan are particularly exposed to nature-related risks, with 18%, or US$938 billion, of the local stock market’s capitalisation comprising companies in sectors with a higher direct dependence on nature.

日本の資本市場は、自然関連リスクに対するエクスポージャーを有する ― AIGCC(気候変動に関するアジア投資家グループ)による新たな調査―

4 June 2024



Report | 気候変動に関するアジア投資家グループ | 2024年4⽉




투자자 기후행동 계획 (ICAPs) 기대 단계 (Expectations Ladder)

Guides | The Investor Agenda | 2023년 7월

투자자 기후행동 계획 (ICAPs) ‘기대 단계 (Expectations Ladder)’는 투자자들의 기후 변화 대응을 돕기 위한 포괄적 인 단일 프레임워크로, 기존의 이니셔티브와 자원들을 바탕 으로 투자자들이 자체평가 및 전환 계획을 수립할 수 있도록 지원합니다.