Daehyun Cho

Program Manager, Korea

Dr. Daehyun Cho is a Program Manager at AIGCC, responsible for supporting investor engagement and market outreach activities mainly in Korea, including coordinating AIGCC’s upcoming Korea Working Group.

Prior to joining AIGCC, Daehyun was an Assistant Professor in Korea Army Academy at Yeongcheon (KAAY), teaching accounting and management related courses to military cadets. Before that, Daehyun was a Senior Analyst at Sustinvest, a Korean-local proxy advisory & ESG ratings firm, leading the proxy advisory services.

Daehyun holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management from Korea University, Master’s Degree in Green Business and Policy from Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology (KAIST), Doctoral Degree in Management of Technology from Korea University.

투자자 기후행동 계획 (ICAPs) 기대 단계 (Expectations Ladder)

Guides | The Investor Agenda | 2023년 7월

투자자 기후행동 계획 (ICAPs) ‘기대 단계 (Expectations Ladder)’는 투자자들의 기후 변화 대응을 돕기 위한 포괄적 인 단일 프레임워크로, 기존의 이니셔티브와 자원들을 바탕 으로 투자자들이 자체평가 및 전환 계획을 수립할 수 있도록 지원합니다.