Stewardship & Corporate Engagement

We support institutional investors in using stewardship tools to engage with systemically-important emitters in Asia. The ultimate goal is to improve companies’ climate disclosures and their progress on climate transition plans.

As part of this, we help convene international initiatives such as Climate Action 100+ and the Asian Utilities Engagement Program, which is open only to AIGCC members.


Climate Action 100+

Climate Action 100+As a co-founder of Climate Action 100+, we lead the implementation of the Climate Action 100+ initiative in Asia, and facilitate the initiative’s Asia Advisory group.

We encourage all CA100+ signatories active in the region to become members of AIGCC.


Company Engagements

The Asia Engagement working group focuses on 38 companies listed in Asia, engaging on climate related risks and opportunities. The working group is facilitated by AIGCC and PRI, and is open to Climate Action 100+ signatories.


Global Sector Strategies

Complementing investors’ engagement with heavy emitting companies, investors also have the option to engage with the other stakeholders who will influence whole sectors’ decarbonisation, including decision-makers in policy, value chain, technology, and financing.
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Asian Utilities Engagement Program

We launched the Asian Utilities Engagement Program in June 2021, recognising that decarbonising the power sector is a significant opportunity to drive down climate risk.

The program focusses on seven power utilities in Asia, who produce substantial greenhouse gas emissions, have large coal-fired power capacity or have a strategic role in achieving net zero.

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Key Resources

Shareholder proposals on climate change and proxy voting, along with a range of other stewardship options, can play acomplementary role to private dialogue in broader engagement strategies.

This is a practical reference for investors looking to understand the range of stewardship options at their disposal. This is also complementary to the Climate Action 100+ Investor Guide for Engaging in Asia and is to be used in parallel to enable effective, robust and impactful corporate engagement in Asia.

Decarbonising the global economy is complex. Successful engagement will require unique strategies and approaches across different businesses, regions and sectors.

Investors engaging in Asian and emerging markets have experienced significant differences among these markets, including differences in policy and regulation, in the influence of different stakeholders on company practice and in-company practice and performance on climate change.

This resource provides guidance for investors on how they can engage Asian and emerging market companies, and understanding how the Climate Action 100+ Benchmark relates to them.

The Climate Action 100+ Net Zero Company Benchmark helps stakeholders assess the performance of the world’s largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters on their net zero transition, and against the Climate Action 100+’s three high-level goals: emissions reduction, governance, and disclosure.

It is not a disclosure mechanism or database itself. Rather, it is an evaluation tool for investor engagement that can be used by investors, all of whom will have differing mandates and starting points together with considerations of jurisdiction, regulation and best practice, from which they make their own decisions.

Latest Corporate Engagement News, Resources & Events.

Climate Action 100+ Japan signatory meeting

Working Group Meeting | Tokyo Stock Exchange, Japan | 29 September 2023 @ 9:30 am - 11:30 am
Timezone: Asia/Tokyo
Climate Action 100+ is organising an in-person Japan signatory meeting to update Japan-based signatories about Phase 2 of the initiative, and to discuss corporate engagement structure, stewardship tools and strategies.

Climate Action 100+ releases the first Net Zero Standard for Diversified Mining

6 September 2023

Climate Action 100+ has released its Net Zero Standard for Diversified Mining. The first of its kind in this sector, the new standard aims to help investors assess the progress of diversified mining companies as they move towards net zero.

Climate Action 100+ Net Zero Standard for Diversified Mining & Investor Expectations

Guide | Climate Action 100+ | 6 September 2023

Climate Action 100+ has released its Net Zero Standard for Diversified Mining. The first of its kind in this sector, the new standard aims to help investors assess the progress of diversified mining companies as they move towards net zero.


Download Investor Expectations for Diversified Mining

Asian Utilities Engagement Program: Year 2 Progress Update

Report | Asia Investor Group on Climate Change | 10 August 2023

Investors’ $12 trillion Asian Utilities Engagement Program sees progress on coal phase out and expansion of renewable energy commitments Program’s second year also sees support for improving climate governance and decarbonisation strategies in the focus energy companies.