Policy & Advocacy

We contribute to the collective effort to influence policy that enables investors across Asia to allocate capital in a transition to net zero.

Emerging Policy Issues

Energy Transition

Supporting government policy that unlocks a rapid clean energy transition.


Working alongside regulators and governments to reform climate disclosure rules.

Climate Financing

Including taxonomies and other legislation to support the flow of sustainable finance.

Physical Risk

Understanding the implications of the physical impacts of climate change and helping build resilience to protect economies.

Global​ Engagement

International Forums

Bringing the Asian investor perspective to discussions with;

  • United Nations forums including COP,
  • G20,
  • G7,
  • ASEAN.
Peer Network Collaborations

We facilitate a global voice on climate and finance policy with;

  • IGCC in Australia,
  • Ceres in the USA,
  • IIGCC in Europe,
  • PRI and CDP internationally.

Regional Engagement

Advocating for policies that will unlock the billions that investors can allocate to climate solutions.

The Asian Utilities Engagement Program

AIGCC’s program to help investors and service providers engage with Asia’s systematically important electric utilities on climate.
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Bringing together investors, policy-makers and regulators.


Providing the investor perspective on policies that are currently in development.

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Direct 1:1 Engagement

In-depth discussion with key government decision-makers on current and emerging policy themes.

The Asian Utilities Engagement Program

Decarbonising Asia’s energy system is crucial to protecting our economies.

In 2021 AIGCC launched the AUEP program to help investors and service providers engage effectively with Asia’s systematically important electric utilities on climate.

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Key Resources

Greenwashing and how to avoid it: an introductory guide for Asia’s finance industry.

April 2023.

This is an introductory guide intended for players in the Asian finance sector, including asset managers, banks, institutional investors, and regulators, to understand issues surrounding the growing phenomenon of greenwashing in the industry.

The report

  • addresses the prevalence of greenwashing in financial markets in Asia, and provides an overview of the various forms of regulation and guidance being developed to address it.
  • provides a typology of enforcement action being taken by a variety of regulatory bodies and actors against greenwashing across the globe, and identifies cases at the greenwashing frontier.
  • provides guidance on measures to guard against greenwashing risk.

Carbon Capture and Storage In The Decision Decade For Decarbonisation

November 2022

The large-scale adoption of carbon, capture and storage (CCS) continues to be a key assumption underlying major decarbonization pathways as a means to bridge the emissions gap, resulting in projected CCS capacity requirements that are an order of magnitude greater than present capacity.

AIGCC leverages selected findings and figures from a Wood Mackenzie’s report to draw conclusions for these sectors:

  • Power Generation
  • Steel Production

Investor Expectations of National Adaptation Plans in Asia

November 2022

The members of AIGCC’s Physical Risks Working Group have put together the following list of key asks from governments on the various elements of the National Adaptation Plan process:

  1. Outline a consistent, national view of physical climate risk
  2. Base national adaptation plans on scenario analysis
  3. Identify and prioritise vulnerable systems, groups and communities in NAPs in adaptation planning and implementation.
  4. Ensure corporate disclosure on physical risks
  5. Consult with members of the finance sector as part of the NAP process
  6. Include inter-regional effects in developing NAPs
  7. Include action-oriented points on implementation and financing strategies in NAPs

AIGCC’s Submission to the International Sustainability Standards Board

July 2022

AIGCC supports the development of consistent sustainability reporting standards globally. There is some level of fragmentation in the standards that are being implemented in many markets, however it is important now more than ever to develop a comprehensive and globally interoperable standard for sustainability reporting. Further delays in developing a global standard for sustainability disclosures will result in increasing costs, risks for the investment community as well as reporting entities operating internationally, and ultimately result in difficulties to give effect to the much-needed sustainability transition.

Latest Policy & Advocacy News, Resources, and Events.

Submission to China’s Three Stock Exchanges’ Public Consultation on “Self-Regulatory Supervision Guidelines for Listed Companies – Sustainability Report (Trial)”

Policy Submissions | Asia Investor Group on Climate Change | March 2024

AIGCC welcomes the opportunity to participate in the public consultation for the Self-Regulatory Supervision Guidelines for Listed Companies – Sustainability Report (Trial) (“the Guidelines”) and we have submitted our recommendations to China’s three stock exchanges.

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AIGCC Policy Update – May 2024

Policy Briefings | Asia Investor Group on Climate Change | May 2024

AIGCC rounds up key policy highlights in the region for Q2 2024.


AIGCC就中国三大证券交易所《可持续发展报告 (试行)(征求意见稿)》的意见反馈

Policy Submissions | 亚洲投资者气候变化联盟 | 2024年3⽉