Wisnu Wibisono

Project Manager & Specialist: Deforestation

Wisnu is based in Jakarta and works in AIGCC’s Investor Practice team, responsible for building investor capacity on deforestation, nature, and biodiversity focused in Asia.

Prior to joining AIGCC, Wisnu was Sustainable Finance Engagement Manager at CDP where he is responsible for engaging and building awareness of companies and investors on the deforestation issue in Southeast Asia. Prior to this, he is the FX Product Manager in PT. Commonwealth Bank Indonesia and has also worked as an environmental consultant.

Wisnu holds an MSc in Environmental Science from Wageningen University, Netherlands, and a BSc in Environmental Engineering from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia. He is a CFA charterholder and received the certificate of ESG Investing from the CFA Institute.

Empowering Thai Investors on their climate integration journey

9 April 2024

AIGCC collaborated with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Thailand (SEC) to organise a virtual workshop on 22 March for over 80 investors on developing clear, comprehensive, and measurable climate action plans.

Rencana Aksi Penanganan Perubahan Iklim Bagi Investor (ICAPs) Jenjang Ekspektasi

Guides | The Investor Agenda | Juli 2023

Jenjang Ekspektasi Rencana Aksi Penanganan Perubahan Iklim bagi Investor (Investor Climate Action Plans/ICAP) membantu investor untuk mengambil tindakan terkait perubahan iklim dengan menyuguhkan kerangka tunggal dan menyeluruh untuk penilaian mandiri dan rencana transisi, yang mengacu pada inisiatif dan sumber daya yang tersedia.


Managing deforestation risks: Crucial for investment resilience

13 March 2024

Now into its second year, AIGCC’s Forest and Land Use workstream will start focusing on implementation, with an emphasis on actions to phase out deforestation and land use conversion risks in investors’ portfolios. This year, the workstream aims to support investors in developing their forest commitment and policies and enable them to understand opportunities in the sustainable commodities supply chain.

Forest and Land Use – 2023 Year in Review

Report | Asia Investor Group on Climate Change | March 2024

The Forest and Land Use workstream builds on progress over the past year. Last year, the workstream focussed on building investor capacity by increasing knowledge of deforestation risk. This year, the workstream will continue to expand the scope on nature and biodiversity themes, including launching an online course on deforestation

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