We connect, collaborate and advocate on behalf of our member investors to accelerate progress and action on climate change, responsibly manage long term risks and opportunities, drive sustainable returns for investors and the beneficiaries they represent across the diverse markets of Asia.

Our Workstreams

These are our network’s key strategies for delivering the mission.

Investor Practice & Capacity-Building

We build our members’ ability to manage climate risk, providing, capacity building through working groups, peer-to-peer dialogues, roundtables, resources, and masterclasses, and guidance on global climate investment initiatives, including the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative, Paris Aligned Asset Owners initiative, and Investor Climate Action Plans.

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Stewardship & Corporate Engagement

We ensure institutional investors are engaging with the big emitters across Asia on a level of ambition that aligns with 1.5°C target.

Our key engagement programs are Climate Action 100+ and the Asia Utilities Engagement Program.

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Policy & Advocacy

We contribute to the collective advocacy for policy that enables investors across Asia to allocate capital in a transition to net zero.

We engage with policy-makers directly, via public advocacy, submissions to formal processes, and convening high-level roundtables.

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Working Groups

Members can collaborate and learn more in these specialist groups.

Thematic groups

Asset Owners

The group will meet the growing interest in net zero alignment from Asian sovereign wealth funds, pension funds and insurers.

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Energy Transition

The group responds to energy transition developments and topics in Asia, including the managed phase-out of coal, transition technologies, and relevant public policy.

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Engagement & Policy

This working group’s combined focus on company engagement and government policy helps investors understand how their increasingly important role in policy advocacy can also help drive more ambitious corporate climate action.

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Forest & Land Use

The group supports investors in developing risk management processes, investment policies, and engagement programs that will contribute to ending deforestation.

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Paris Aligned Investment

The group develops investor solutions for facilitating the transition and tracking progress to net-zero emissions economies in Asia and around the world.

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Physical Risk & Resilience

The group helps develop solutions for investors to integrate physical risk and resilience considerations into portfolio management and drive more investment into adaptation solutions.

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Market-based groups


We focus on knowledge sharing among our investors, providing a forum for deep dives and connecting with experts on Japanese markets. The group also provides a space for proposing new projects for climate engagement and policy development in Japan.

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This group builds a community for investors who have an interest in the development of China’s climate policy and are looking to deepen their engagement in the market.

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Training & Masterclasses

We run a variety of events to help investors stay up-to-date with the latest developments in how climate and finance interact.

Online Climate Change Training.

Our online training modules are aimed at investment professionals, allowing members to learn about important modern climate investment practices at their own time and pace. Included with AIGCC membership.

Training Overview


We run scheduled masterclasses for our members, responding to current climate-finance needs, facilitating by experts in our extensive network, and providing the opportunity for questions and interaction.

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Research, Thought Leadership and Investor Resources

Our publications help set the agenda in public debates, advocate for government policy, and help our members and stakeholders understand key developments and ideas in climate finance.

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Briefings & Member Meetings

These help investors stay up-to-date with the latest news in climate and finance, and the peer network.

Connecting Investors With Global Climate Initiatives and Tools.

We guide investors through the international initiatives and tools which have been set up to help align capital flows to the goals of the Paris Agreement.

Paris Aligned Investor Initiatives

We co-founded and co-manage the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative (NZAM) and the Paris Aligned Asset Owners (PAAO) initiative. These provide asset managers and asset owners respectively with tools for making commitments, making and tracking progress in alignment to the UN-backed Race to Zero and Paris Agreement. They focus on portfolio management and capital allocation.

Climate Action 100+

This is at the heart of our corporate engagement program. It is the world’s largest initiative to support investors engaging with heavy-emitting companies.

Investor Agenda

With Investor Agenda, we produced the Investor Climate Action Plan (ICAP) tool, which provides a framework for investors to develop and progress a comprehensive approach to climate risks and opportunities. It covers investment, corporate engagement, disclosures, and policy advocacy.

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