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Key insights from Asia’s institutional investors on climate scenario analysis, decarbonisation, and fossil fuel policies

Meeting Notes | Asia Investor Group on Climate Change | February 2024

In a memo written by investors for investors, 16 investors managing over USD 6 trillion in assets under management shared rare candid insights on the realities and challenges of addressing the climate crisis in their investment portfolios.

Read the Memo

AIGCC’s 2023 Year in Review

Report | Asia Investor Group on Climate Change | February 2024

For our 2023 Year in Review, we detail our progress on our work and programs under AIGCC and our key strategic pillars – investor practice, policy advocacy, and corporate engagement, as well as a closer look at select markets – Japan, China, and South Korea.

Download the Report

Investor Progress on Net Zero: An Update for Policy Makers

Briefing | Asia Investor Group on Climate Change | 30 November 2023

A stocktake of 183 Asian headquartered investors, with $33 trillion AUM.


Memorandum on the Transformation of the Steel Sector in Asia

Meeting Notes | Asia Investor Group on Climate Change | October 2023

AIGCC convened a multi-stakeholder, Chatham House roundtable with the support of peer networks in October. It signalled the start of one of the Climate Action 100+ sectoral focus for industries in Asia, as the initiative progresses to its next phase. The steel sector is responsible for over 7% of global


投资者⽓候⾏动 计划(ICAPs)期望阶梯

Guide | The Investor Agenda | 2023年7⽉

投资者⽓候⾏动计划 (ICAPs) 期望阶梯以现有的 倡议和资源为基础,为投资者提供了⼀套统 ⼀、全⾯的⾃我评估和转型规划框架,以帮助 投资者采取⽓候⾏动。



Guide | The Investor Agenda | 2023年7⽉

投資家気候⾏動計画(ICAPs) 期待達成レベル評価 は、投資家が既存のイニシアティブやガイダンスを 利⽤する唯⼀かつ包括的なフレームワークを通じ て、気候変動への⾏動をサポートするものです。


グリーンウォッシュと その回避方法: アジア金融業界向け 入門ガイド (日本版 2023 年 10 月更新版)

Report | AIGCC & ClientEarth | 2023 年 10 月



The Japan edition of “Greenwashing and how to avoid it: An introductory guide for Asia’s finance industry”

Report | AIGCC & ClientEarth | 4 October 2023

The report presents regulatory and voluntary measures that have been introduced around the world to combat greenwashing. The report puts a particular focus on Japan, which has taken several key steps to address the issue of greenwashing in the financial sector.


Climate Action 100+ Net Zero Standard for Diversified Mining & Investor Expectations

Guide | Climate Action 100+ | 6 September 2023

Climate Action 100+ has released its Net Zero Standard for Diversified Mining. The first of its kind in this sector, the new standard aims to help investors assess the progress of diversified mining companies as they move towards net zero.


Download Investor Expectations for Diversified Mining

The Investor Agenda Global Policy Assessment Report

Report | The Investor Agenda | 6 September 2023

A new report by The Investor Agenda takes the opportunity provided by the UNFCCC Global Stocktake to summarize how global climate policy has developed and to describe the core features that should underpin climate policy going forward.