Monica Bae

Director, Investor Practice

Monica Bae is Director of Investor Practice at AIGCC. She manages collaborative engagement with investors in Asia to build capacity and integrate climate-related issues in investment processes, and to increase capital flow into decarbonization to align with a 1.5 degrees future.

She oversees work across several thematic focus areas relating to Paris-aligned investments, energy transition, and forest & land use. She also leads the strategy development and oversees the AIGCC’s Forest and Land Use workstream that supports investors through capacity building and implementation to address deforestation within Asia’s context. She is passionate in facilitating the development of sustainable investments in Asia and is part of global and regional coalitions of leading financial institutions that spearheads sustainable finance initiatives.

Monica has over 16 years of experience in financial services and economic research, especially in managing private debt funds for Asian institutional investors and structuring investment products. Most recently, she was the regional lead in leading nature-positive engagement with Asian capital markets stakeholders at CDP.

Asian Utilities Engagement Program: Year 2 Progress Update

Report | Asia Investor Group on Climate Change | 10 August 2023

Investors’ $12 trillion Asian Utilities Engagement Program sees progress on coal phase out and expansion of renewable energy commitments Program’s second year also sees support for improving climate governance and decarbonisation strategies in the focus energy companies.


Greenwashing and how to avoid it.

Guide | Asia Investor Group on Climate Change & Client Earth | April 2023

Designed with asset managers, banks, and institutional investors in mind, the guide offers practical information to combat greenwashing:
  • An overview of emerging forms of greenwashing and the different regulations, guidelines and legal action on greenwashing across Asia and elsewhere;
  • Supplemented with selected case studies from leading financial institutions in Asia;


AIGCC launches initiatives for deforestation and energy transition

28 February 2023

AIGCC's investor practice program is meeting investors’ interest in two of the highest emitting sectors: energy and forestry and land use. There are unprecedented opportunities in Asia to accelerate financing energy transition and renewables.