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AIGCC’s 2023 Year in Review

Report | Asia Investor Group on Climate Change | February 2024

For our 2023 Year in Review, we detail our progress on our work and programs under AIGCC and our key strategic pillars – investor practice, policy advocacy, and corporate engagement, as well as a closer look at select markets – Japan, China, and South Korea.

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グリーンウォッシュと その回避方法: アジア金融業界向け 入門ガイド (日本版 2023 年 10 月更新版)

Report | AIGCC & ClientEarth | 2023 年 10 月



The Japan edition of “Greenwashing and how to avoid it: An introductory guide for Asia’s finance industry”

Report | AIGCC & ClientEarth | 4 October 2023

The report presents regulatory and voluntary measures that have been introduced around the world to combat greenwashing. The report puts a particular focus on Japan, which has taken several key steps to address the issue of greenwashing in the financial sector.


The Investor Agenda Global Policy Assessment Report

Report | The Investor Agenda | 6 September 2023

A new report by The Investor Agenda takes the opportunity provided by the UNFCCC Global Stocktake to summarize how global climate policy has developed and to describe the core features that should underpin climate policy going forward.


Asian Utilities Engagement Program: Year 2 Progress Update

Report | Asia Investor Group on Climate Change | 10 August 2023

Investors’ $12 trillion Asian Utilities Engagement Program sees progress on coal phase out and expansion of renewable energy commitments Program’s second year also sees support for improving climate governance and decarbonisation strategies in the focus energy companies.


2022 AIGCC Year In Review

Report | Asia Investor Group on Climate Change | March 2023

In 2022 AIGCC recognised that investors in Asia need to rapidly accelerate their portfolio decarbonisation. Globally, net-zero commitments have become the base expectation. However, the focus for those climate commitments has quickly shifted from net zero by 2050, 2060 or 2070 to near-term milestones.


2022 年の進捗状況: Climate Action 100+ の 5 年

Report | Asia Investor Group on Climate Change | January 2023

世界の自然環境や政治・経済状況は、この 5 年で考えら れないほど変化しました。経済圏やエネルギー・インフ ラの分断、パンデミック、戦争 – これらすべての根底には、 気候変動が私たちの食料システム、エネルギー安全保障、 天然資源に及ぼす脅威が拡大し続けているという事実が あります。 こうした変化が続く中、Climate Action 100+ は、世界的 に温室効果ガス排出量が突出している企業と、企業エン ゲージメントにおける投資家の重要な役割にスポットライ トを当てて、グローバルな規模での話し合いに変革をも たらしてきました。これは、他に類を見ないほどの大きな 成果であり、さらに勢いを増し続けています。

2022 年最新進度: 氣候行動 100+ 五週年回顧

Report | 氣候行動 100+ | January 2023

過去五年,全球自然環境、經濟和政治格局發生了 難以想像的巨變。氣候變遷對我們的糧食系統、 能源安全和自然資源的威脅日增,使經濟集團內 部的矛盾升溫,加劇了能源基礎設施、疫情和戰 面對這些關乎存亡的變化,氣候行動 100+ 持續改 變全球對話模式,將焦點放在世上排放溫室氣體 最多的企業,以及投資人在企業議合中發揮的重 要作用:這是一項無與倫比的重大成就,而且我 們繼續乘勢而上。


2022年进展更新 : 气候行动100+五年历程

Report | 气候行动100+ | 2023 年 1 月

过去五年中,全球自然、经济和政治格局经历了 难以想象的巨变。在经济集团分裂、能源结构 瓦解、疫情和战争的背后,全球粮食体系、能 源安全和自然资源正面临与日俱增的气候变化 威胁。 在风云巨变中,气候行动100+始终致力于改变 全球对话,聚焦全球温室气体排放量最大的企业, 以及投资者在公司参与中的重要作用:我们取得 了前所未有的重要成就,并且还将继续发力。


Climate Action 100+ Progress Update 2022

Report | Climate Action 100+ | January 2023

Throughout the existential changes of the last five years, Climate Action 100+ has continued to change the global conversation, putting the spotlight on the world’s largest corporate greenhouse gas emitters and the important role of investors in corporate engagement: a major and unrivalled achievement, and one that continues to gain