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投资者⽓候⾏动 计划(ICAPs)期望阶梯

Guide | The Investor Agenda | 2023年7⽉

投资者⽓候⾏动计划 (ICAPs) 期望阶梯以现有的 倡议和资源为基础,为投资者提供了⼀套统 ⼀、全⾯的⾃我评估和转型规划框架,以帮助 投资者采取⽓候⾏动。



Guide | The Investor Agenda | 2023年7⽉

投資家気候⾏動計画(ICAPs) 期待達成レベル評価 は、投資家が既存のイニシアティブやガイダンスを 利⽤する唯⼀かつ包括的なフレームワークを通じ て、気候変動への⾏動をサポートするものです。


Climate Action 100+ Net Zero Standard for Diversified Mining & Investor Expectations

Guide | Climate Action 100+ | 6 September 2023

Climate Action 100+ has released its Net Zero Standard for Diversified Mining. The first of its kind in this sector, the new standard aims to help investors assess the progress of diversified mining companies as they move towards net zero.


Download Investor Expectations for Diversified Mining

Updated Investor Climate Action Plans (ICAPs) Expectations Ladder

Guide | The Investor Agenda | July 2023

Edits to the updated ICAPs Expectations Ladder include:
  • Deforestation actions have been laid out clearly throughout the tiers to ensure that ICAPs are as comprehensive as possible in their approach.
  • Edits to the sub-focus criteria across different tiers and focus areas in line with the latest science and guidance.


Greenwashing and how to avoid it.

Guide | Asia Investor Group on Climate Change & Client Earth | April 2023

Designed with asset managers, banks, and institutional investors in mind, the guide offers practical information to combat greenwashing:
  • An overview of emerging forms of greenwashing and the different regulations, guidelines and legal action on greenwashing across Asia and elsewhere;
  • Supplemented with selected case studies from leading financial institutions in Asia;


Guidance for Infrastructure Assets: Complementing the Net Zero Investment Framework

Guide | IIGCC, Asia Investor Group on Climate Change & Investor Group on Climate Change | March 2023

This implementation guide has been developed to support investors to include infrastructure assets within their net zero commitment, targets and strategy.


Net Zero Engagement In Asia: A guide to shareholder climate resolutions

Guide | Asia Investor Group on Climate Change & Client Earth | November 2022

With the growing urgency of climate change, corporate engagement on climate in Asia, once considered a novelty,has transformed in the last five years into a new but widely accepted form of stewardship. Opportunities have increased for investors to demonstrate their role as good stewards of their assets. International collaborations, such


Climate Action 100+ アジアでのエンゲージメントに関する 投資家ガイド 2022年版(日本語参考訳)

Guide | Asia Investor Group on Climate Change | 2022年6月

このガイドは、ベンチマークが自社にどのように関係しているかを理解するためにアジアおよび新興市場の企業にどのように関与できるかについて投資家にガイダンスを提供し、投資家が気候変動目標の達成における企業パフォーマンスの理解を知らせるために使用できる他の独自のツールと組み合わせて使用できます。 。


氣候行動100+ 亞洲議合投資人指南 2022年最新指南

Guide | Asia Investor Group on Climate Change | 2022 年 6 月

本指南為投資者提供指導,指導他們如何讓亞洲和新興市場公司了解基準與他們的關係,並可與其他專有工具結合使用,投資者可以使用這些工具來了解公司在實現氣候目標方面的表現 .


气候行动 100+ 亚洲参与工作 投资者指南 2022年更新版指南

Guide | Asia Investor Group on Climate Change | June 2022

本指南指导投资者如何让亚洲和新兴市场公司了解基准与他们的关系,并可与其他专有工具结合使用,投资者可以使用这些工具了解公司在实现气候目标方面的表现 .