Topic: Physical Impacts & Resilience

Translating to Action: Net Zero Investment in Asia

Report | Asia Investor Group on Climate Change | December 2022

AIGCC has surveyed a group of climate focused investors in Asia. The results from this cohort, with USD 7.9 trillion in assets under management, provide an important insight into how leading investors in Asia are acting on climate and incorporating climate opportunities and challenges into their investment process.


COP27 amplifies the call for private finance; adaptation takes precedence

1 December 2022

AIGCC's summary of the key developments in the 2022 conference of parties to the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

Investor Expectations of National Adaptation Plans in Asia

Submission | AIGCC | November 2022

The members of AIGCC’s Physical Risks Working Group have put together the following list of key asks from governments on the various elements of the National Adaptation Plan process:
Outline a consistent, national view of physical climate risk
Base national adaptation plans on scenario analysis
Identify and prioritise vulnerable systems,