Welcome to our new brand and website

4 August 2023
AIGCC has a new visual brand and website. The brand projects our expertise, rigour, credibility, and the website helps all our varied audiences get what they need, as easily as possible.

The new website

Our new website is designed to help members and our other audiences get what they need from AIGCC as easily as possible.

Members (and other audiences) will be able to find news, events, and publications on their own, or grouped by market, working group, or theme. Over time, we’ll be publishing more and more exclusive members-only resources that draw on the valuable content in our many working groups, briefings, and masterclasses. This will be especially useful for members who can’t attend meetings at their scheduled time, or who want to share the insights from those meetings with their colleagues.

For audiences who are new to AIGCC, the website will be a fast way of understanding who we are, what we do, and our role in the ecosystem.

The new visual brand

This includes a new logo, colour scheme and font. We’re updating our visual identity to reflect how the organisation has grown, with your support, and evolved since re-starting in 2016. We want to help all our stakeholders understand that AIGCC’s work draws on deep experience and expertise, and you can rely on the organisation for credibility and rigor in furthering our mission.

Although AIGCC may look quite different this week, your experience of us won’t suddenly change (apart from the website, which we’ll cover below). What we did, and what you do with us, next week will have continuity with what we did last week. We’re not overhauling our working groups, the people you engage with, or our role in the ecosystem.

Instead, this brand update brings the visual side of AIGCC up to date with the change that’s happened since 2016. You’ll start to see it on the website, on our emails, presentations and anywhere else you encounter AIGCC.

If you’re an AIGCC member, and you need to include the logo in a publication or presentation to reflect your participation, you can download the files and full guidelines here. (zip file)