Joy Huang

China Consultant

Joy is based in Beijing and joined AIGCC in 2022. She assists by analysing the current policy and market landscape in China and supports AIGCC’s presence in the market.

She conducts an analysis of the current policy and market landscape in China and support AIGCC’s presence in the market. Joy also supports investor capacity building on integrating climate-related risks and opportunities in their investments through AIGCC’s workstreams.

She has 16 years of experience in climate change, energy efficiency and green finance. Prior to joining AIGCC, she has worked in Goldman Sacks, World Bank Group, and World Wide Fund for Nature for many years, managing various projects under the climate topic.

Joy holds a master’s degree in economics from the University of East Anglia, UK.

AIGCC就中国三大证券交易所《可持续发展报告 (试行)(征求意见稿)》的意见反馈

Policy Submissions | 亚洲投资者气候变化联盟 | 2024年3⽉



投资者⽓候⾏动 计划(ICAPs)期望阶梯

Guides | The Investor Agenda | 2023年7⽉

投资者⽓候⾏动计划 (ICAPs) 期望阶梯以现有的 倡议和资源为基础,为投资者提供了⼀套统 ⼀、全⾯的⾃我评估和转型规划框架,以帮助 投资者采取⽓候⾏动。


AIGCC expands investor work in China with launch of new working group

24 April 2023

Investors are increasingly seeking to reduce their exposure to climate risks and better position themselves for the opportunities worth trillions of dollars that will be created by China’s commitment to carbon neutrality.