New Investor Report: Oil & Gas companies show progress on climate change, but laggards like ExxonMobil remain way behind

15 May 2017

In a new report, published today, global investors conclude that some of the largest global oil and gas companies such as Statoil, Eni and Total are well ahead of others like ExxonMobil when it comes to climate change management and disclosure.

Investor Climate Compass: Oil and Gas – Navigating Investor Engagement is a joint report from the four investor networks that make up the Global Investor Coalition on Climate Change (GIC) and CDP. It analyses the impact of persistent climate-focused investor engagement – through private dialogue and public challenge via shareholder resolutions – on 10 large oil and gas companies in North America and Europe.

The report confirms that investor engagement has had a discernible impact on board and executive decision-making with respect to the disclosure and management of climate change risks, highlighting progress and the remaining challenges in five core areas of investor concern or ‘expectations’.