AIGCC address to the 2021 ChinaSIF Summer Summit / 亚洲投资者气候变化联盟于2021中国责任投资论坛夏季峰会致辞

15 July 2021

The Asia Investor Group on Climate Change has encouraged Chinese investors to adopt climate action plans to achieve carbon neutrality in an address to the 2021 ChinaSIF Summer Summit in Beijing.


In a remote address to the summit, AIGCC Chief Executive Officer, Rebecca Mikula-Wright, made the following key points:

亚洲投资者气候变化联盟(AIGCC)的首席执行官Rebecca Mikula-Wright于远程致辞提出以下要点:

  • Expectations for investors to align their portfolios with net zero emissions are accelerating and many are now moving from adopting this goal to implementing it across their portfolios.
  • In China there is a clear mandate set by the national government to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060 and peak emissions before 2030 that is flowing through to financial markets.
  • AIGCC has partnered with six other groups globally to develop the Investor Climate Action Plans (ICAPs) framework to assist investors. The framework provides guidance on establishing a robust governance structure to address climate risk and reach carbon neutrality across the themes of investment, corporate engagement, policy engagement and disclosure.
  • AIGCC encourages investors in China to make a start by referencing the ICAPs Expectations Ladder and considering participation in the Paris Aligned Investment Initiative Asset Owners Commitment and Net Zero Asset Managers initiative, and commit to transitioning investments to achieve net zero emissions portfolios by 2050.
  • 寄予投资者将其投资组合与净零排放保持一致的期望日益增加,许多投资者正迈向以此为目标并应用于其投资组合中。
  • 中国政府已明确设定减碳硬指标,力争2030年前二氧化碳排放达到峰值,2060年前实现碳中和。此目标正流向并影响着金融市场。
  • 亚洲投资者气候变化联盟与全球其他六个团体制定投资者气候行动计划框架以协助投资者。此框架为建立文件的治理结构提供指导,以应对气候风险并在投资、企业参与、政策参与和披露等主题中实现碳中和。
  • 亚洲投资者气候变化联盟鼓励中国投资者参考投资者气候行动计划框架的 “期望阶梯”,考虑参与“对齐巴黎协定目标投资倡议的资产所有者承诺”与净零资产管理倡议”,并承诺于 2050 年前实现投资转型,实现净零排放投资组合。

AIGCC is proud to be a co-host of the ChinaSIF Summer Summit alongside Syntao Green Finance.


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